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Abenaki wars

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     The Abenaki fought in many wars. They mainly helped the French from 1689-1754. In 1689 the King William war started. The Abenaki and French vs. the Iroquois and the English. The war started in Europe and spread to America. In 1702 the Queen Anne war started. The Abenaki,French and Spanish vs. the Iroquois and the English. In 1713 the war stopped. In 1744 the King George war started.It had the same Countries and Tribes facing each other. The war ended in 1748. In 1754 the French and Indian war started. The French and Spanish vs. the English,Iroquis and Abenaki.(The French gave up ALL Indian holdings.) The war ended in 1763.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        



                                                                                             -- Griffin Waryas


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