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Page history last edited by Isabella 13 years, 1 month ago

Do you know that everyone in each tribe has a job?


The man have to go out and hunt for meals. And sometimes the men go in to the war because of the Iroquois, Penobscots, Passamaquoddies stole there food


          The women stay home and plant corn beans squash for the THREE SISTER SOUP!!

  The three sister soup has corn and beans and squash.


       The girls help the women with the babies. While  the women are out the women are out planting the girls take care of babies.


      The boys go out with there fathers would get teach the boys to shoot a bow and arrow


Now I know about Abanekis and when I grow up I will know all about Abaneki's thanks to my teatchers

Thank you Mrs.Drand, Mrs.Green, Mrs.Bisbe

      T   The three sister soup is corn and beans sqush





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    Maximus said

    at 7:42 pm on May 17, 2011

    HI.You have not answered my question I know you have ben answering other peoples questions.

    Isabella said

    at 8:45 pm on May 19, 2011

    ???????[thats going to Max].

    Stephanie said

    at 7:50 pm on May 23, 2011

    HI,what were the jobs to do boys,girls,men, women?

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